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For instance, if my socks are completely soaked after a lunch break (and there . I admit to having dried small items in the microwave. However, I stopped doing it.

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It doesn't seem likely that a microwave will dry clothes effectively. Microwaves are good at making water hot. If the water becomes hot enough, it will boil, leaving.

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16 Mar 2016 . Apparently not. Kids, make SURE that if you're going to try this that you get parent permission first and have them watch while you do it.

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Is that possible or not? I haven't tried it but this question intrigues me . Drying Clothes In Microwave . I don't know much about drying the hat but.

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20 Oct 2005 . It is unclear why she put the clothes in the microwave, but police do not believe she was trying to dry them. Cotton = cellulose = fiber, part of a.

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15 Sep 1991 . IN the never-ending quest to cut the time spent on domestic chores, researchers are trying to bring the benefits of microwave energy to the.

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5 Nov 2014 . The claim: Pesky wet patches still left on otherwise dry clothing? . The claim: Microwave experts suggest tights can be dried in under a minute.

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2 Jun 2016 . Maybe you don't even own a dryer, and getting your clothes dried in the colder months is a . How NOT to dry your clothes – in the microwave.

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If I wash them in the bath can I dry them in the microwave or will it result in . Drying clothes in a fixed, bunched-up position will have an effect.

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13 Aug 2010 . Throw some dried beans or rice in a sock, warm it up in the microwave and voila! — a heating pad to ease the aches of the weekend athlete.