Who we are

As a leading global manufacturer of folding chair and tables and chairs, we offer the best folding beach chair, stainless steel tables and chairs , bar dining tables and chairs ,leisure camping folding bed etc.

Our Market

Every year, we will be our products are exported to all over the world, including the United States,
Canada, Germany, France, England, India and Africa, etc









Our Team

Welcome and thank you for visiting the web site. We at R&D are proud of the fact, we are the oldest and most experienced aftermarket performance company in the industry. When you deal with chair and table product you benefit from our strength, experience, and know-how.

Customer talks

From the French customers to the company yesterday meeting, signed a cooperation agreement.

Customer visit

Several of Australia's clients came to the company to conduct field trips to understand the situation.

Popular Products Show

This is the real case of goods exhibition, we will show the majority of hot products to our customers.

Customer inquiries

Because of our wide range of products, good quality, practical, many customers come to ask for details.

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